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Helping You Live Life Richly

Holistic Financial Life Guidance & Tailored Investment Management

Welcome to Nexus Wealth Advisors

nexus [nek‐suhs] = the “Center of the Matter” = YOU

Nexus is a local and independent financial planning firm that specializes in personalized service and tailored solutions. We listen rigorously and authentically care for our clients’ financial wellness and quality of life.

Why Choose Nexus?


We choose to be ethically and legally obligated to put our clients’ best interests first. Why would an advisor choose any other standard of care?


Our fee-structure is simple, completely transparent, and designed to eliminate conflicts of interest. No complex or hidden fees, trails, awards, trips, or even pats on the back.


Howdy neighbor! Like you, we are committed to the preservation and well-being of our community.


No in-house branded products or corporate imposed restrictions. We are free to be nimble, flexible, and only biased by our convictions.


You are wonderfully and inimitably you! You deserve a tailored approach that fits with your unique situation, goals, philosophies, preferences, and personality.

Peace of Mind

We provide clarity and professional stewardship so you can live your best financial life and stress less. We are here for you.

Your Best Financial Life is at the
Nexus of Everything We Do 

Money is not the destination; rather, it is the fuel for living the life you desire. We strive to provide clients with clarity, confidence and control over their financial decisions. We are dedicated to helping you live life fully while minimizing stress around money.

We will have honest conversations about finance and what matters most to you and your family. Your dedicated team will work with you to develop a personalized plan, tailored to your values, situation and life goals.

Supported Independence

Boutique with a Deep Bench

We firmly believe that independence from corporate/institutional bureaucracy is essential to our ability to put our clients’ best interests at the top of everything we do. While maintaining our independence, we leverage partnerships and resources of best in class organizations. Here are a few key companies we employ to support our efforts.

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