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Start H.E.R.E.

The Path to Financial Peace
Begins with a Conversation


Our Start H.E.R.E. process is designed to efficiently help you, and us, make an informed decision about working together.


Successful and friendly folks planning for retirement or recently retired who have accumulated at least $500,000 in investment assets.


Our approach to Financial Life Guidance or Investment Management piques your interest.

The Nexus Start H.E.R.E. Process

Phone Santa Cruz, CA Nexus Wealth Advisors

Have a Brief Call

  • Goal is to answer: Does it make sense for us to meet in person (or Zoom)?
  • A 15-minute phone call will give us both a chance to make sure your situation matches our expertise. After all, you wouldn’t hire an architect if what you need is a roofer. If we are not the right financial planning firm for you, we will happily introduce you to someone more well-suited for your unique needs.

Explore Working Together Santa Cruz, CA Nexus Wealth Advisors

Explore Working Together

  • Goal is to answer: What do you do? How do you do it? What are your fees? Is it right for me? Am I a good fit for you?
  • Complementary 1-hour in-person meeting with our team. Let’s get to know each other a little better. Get all your questions answered - about us and how we work.

Review and Decide Santa Cruz, CA Nexus Wealth Advisors

Review and Decide

  • Goal is to answer: Do I/we want to engage with Nexus?
  • No pressure, take the time you need to deliberate, discuss, and decide if you feel we can help you live your best financial life. To help you make a confident decision, consider these questions: Do I like and trust the Nexus team? Do I believe the benefits outweigh the cost? Do I understand and agree with the investment approach? Do I see value in the (optional) Financial Life Management process? If it turns out we are not the right firm for you, we are happy to help you find a better fit.

Engage Santa Cruz, CA Nexus Wealth Advisors


  • Goal is to answer: How do we get started working together?
  • Let’s do this! We are honored to be of service to you. Before the fun begins, we will regroup to answer any outstanding questions and set expectations for what comes next.

Let’s Do This!

Schedule A Call

How Do I Know If I Am a Good Fit for Nexus?

Not to worry! We’ll figure that out during our initial call, but here are more details about what our typical clients look like.

Not quite ready to schedule an appointment?

That's ok! You can sign up for our e-newsletter which includes hand-picked financial planning articles to help you make good decisions with your money. You can also call our direct line at 831-476-5210 if you just have a few questions for us.